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Verena Kern

Verena Kern Nyberg

Inga Karen Hütter

Anja Kramarz

Resident Manager

Esther Humm

Esther Humm,

Head of Integration Initiative

Verena Kern

Romina-Elisa Weiersmueller
Front Office Manager

Inga Karen Hütter

Nadja Schneeberger

Job Coach & Apprentice Trainer

Esther Humm

Silvia Straková

Teamleader Housekeeping

Verena Kern

Eliva Rocca Perillo
Teamleader Housekeeping

Inga Karen Hütter

Ramona Huber


Esther Humm

Charuwan Allenspach

Teamleader Housekeeping

Verena Kern

Hicret Yüksel

Front Office Team

Inga Karen Hütter

Ivana Karagiannidis

IMPULSIS Program Manager & Coach

Esther Humm

Jessica Petersen

IMPULSIS Housekeeping Manager
Deputy Program Manager

Verena Kern

Teresa Fabiano

IMPULSIS Housekeeping Allrounder

Jessica Neyer

IMPULSIS Housekeeping Specialist

Esther Humm

Myriam Spring

Human Resources

Frauenhotel AG

team Frauenhotel AG

Verwaltungsrat (v.l.n.r.): Irène Wyss, Ursula Signer, Gisela Heim, Irène Meier (Präsidentin), Carola Scotoni Berger

hotel marta belongs to the nonprofit Frauenhotel Group Zurich, which runs three enterprises in the city on the principle of maximum utility rather than maximum profit:


hotel marta - Central

LADYs FIRST Hotel - Seefeld
Josephine's Guesthouse - Stauffacher

Frauenhotel AG, Mainaustrasse 24, CH-8008 Zürich

T 044 380 80 10, F 044 380 80 20, meier@ladysfirst.ch



hotel marta is a hotel and integration initiative rolled into one. The primary aim of the trustees and the management is to run the hotel as a successful enterprise. This ensures the long-term survival of the company and also safeguards jobs. 


The company operates a social welfare policy, offering employment to women with psychological issues and/or learning difficulties. These women work alongside our professional staff. 


The management and the team aim to show a positive and joyful attitude – in how they interact with guests and each other, and in the way they perform their duties in the hotel. It is therefore our goal to meet and exceed our guests’ wishes and expectations in everything we do. 


The trustees, management and team are proud of all the hotel has to offer, and consider it a success when everyone – guests and staff alike – is able to stay or work in hotel marta in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. 


The trustees and the management communicate openly, both within the team and also with the public. The success of hotel marta paves the way for further commercial integration initiatives for women. 

«Does exactly what it says on the tin!!!»

Guest from the UK