As a proud partner of the "Swisstainable" sustainability label of Swiss tourism, we are already very happy with our Level II "engaged" award - but that's not enough for us - we are constantly on the lookout for new, sustainable ideas - maybe you have a tip?


Of course, renting out hotel rooms is profitable for us, but we combine charity with our pursuit of profit. The financial profit secures our continued existence and enables us to continue to build up or support social enterprises. This natural "symbiosis" also characterizes the Marta - for example, we do not use mini fridges in the rooms, which saves us high electricity costs, but more importantly, we conserve scarce, valuable resources, because these fridges are real "power guzzlers".


As part of Sinn&Gewinn Company, the hotl Marta stands for the integration of women. With the help of our specialist team, our housekeeping team enables women to re-enter the job market. This colorful mix of power women also stands out at the reception desk - we rely on a balanced mix of young female students to old hands in the hotel industry.


At Marta, we rely on a proven concept - reduce, reuse and recycle! For example, we do not use disposable packaging and the Jam comes in a large jar that you can portion yourself instead of countless mini packs. Our breakfast is deliberately vegetarian and as regional as possible, the room is only cleaned when necessary and with sustainable cleaning products and our recycling hero "MrGreen" not only advocates correct waste separation, but also offers added social value for people with disabilities.

Employee benefits

Our employees have access to free yoga lessons, discounted massages and wellness visits - as well as the "Swibeco" benefits platform with countless discounts and offers.

Of course, our ladies enjoy generous special rates in our own hotels - the company hotelcard is freely available and, as a proud member of HotellerieSuisse, we can stay in countless hotels at half price thanks to the "Staffdeals" offer.