hotel marta is one of three enterprises belonging to the Sinn & Gewinn Hotels, together with the LADYs FIRST Hotel and Josephine's Guest House for Women. LADYs FIRST opened in 2001 and was the first enterprise based on a strategic combination of commercial and social-welfare aims to establish itself successfully in the Zurich hotel market. All three enterprises are housed in buildings owned by the nonprofit organization Compagna (formerly “Freundinnen Junger Mädchen”), and operate with the support of that organization.  

In the book “Fräulein, zahlen bitte!”, (Miss, I’d like to pay!), published in 2013 by Limmat Publishing, one chapter is devoted to hotel marta – “Go to Zurich and seek your fortune”. More information about the book.

«It was noted that the entire hotel staff operation was woman orientated, which explains for the care and precision to detail seen throughout the organization.»

Guest from Italy