Sustainability - our Dedication

«Do good and talk about it» or «only a drop in the ocean»? The awareness - even in the smallest things - is as important as our daily contribution to the environment. In this case, more is always better but doing nothing is not an option.

Integration initiative

We enable women facing challenging circumstances to re-enter the professional workforce.


For the mentally or cognitively impaired women, assisted employment is an opportunity to secure a permanent position or receive training that enables them to re-enter the mainstream labor market.


Our guests are free to choose when the bed linen and towels are changed and thereby help us to protect the natural resources.


Our partner for textile care is certified to «Textiles washed in Switzerland»!


This label stands for the hygienic cleaning of textiles in Switzerland and a clear focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly textile care.


The smart recycling subscription with heart - clever, ecological, social.


Together with Mr.Green we collect reusable material for a later sorting and reycling.


Thanks to the integration of people who experienced difficult life situations Mr.Green creates social added value.

Local Water 37

We are pleased to offer our guests a bottle of «Lokales Wasser 37» upon arrival.


«Lokales Wasser 37» originates from the Uetliberg, our local mountain. It is pure spring water which is bottled on Rennweg - just on the other side of the river «Limmat». The fresh and balanced drinking water has only a short distance to move from water source to our guests.


We value and encourage diversity in our team!


A colourful mixture of industry professionals and people seeking lateral moves or re-entering the workforce, full- and part-time talents, wild youth and experienced specialists from various culture and language areas with different life stories - that's us!


Our hotel is housed in a partially protected building. Therefore there is no air-conditioning...


...but there is cooling! Our hotel rooms are equipped with fans and at the reception we invite you enjoy Kalte Lust ice cream - made in Switzerland with love and from selected, regional raw materials.

Vegetarian breakfast

For the selection of the products for our breakfast buffet, we pay attention to quality and origin.


Hard and soft cheeses, eggs and milk are from Switzerland, our honey is from the region, the orange juice bears a fair trade label and our bread comes from Bäckerei Bertschi which produces almost all baked goods without palm oil.

Package & Energy

Whenever possible we use refillable containers and avoid individual packages, be it with hand soap and shower gel in the guest rooms or chocolate spread and jam at breakfast.


There are no minibars in the guest rooms but we invite our guests to serve themselves at the «marta bar».


In many areas, motion

sensors ensure that lights operate only when they are needed.

OK:GO Initiative

Click on the «OK:GO» logo to receive helpful information about the accessibility of our hotel.


The OK:GO initiative supports the Swiss tourism industry to collect and share standardized accessibility information about their location and offering. 


OK:GO makes travel planning easier - an added value for everyone!